Our belief

We believe small can beat big. New can beat old. We believe in those who aren’t afraid to try and to explore.
Because who said it always has to be done that way? 

School photography software / high volume photography software

What we do

We create solutions and ideas that allow photographers to focus on what they do best. Shoot.



School Photography Software / Calotype



Take a chance

Be brave, be bold


Only by thinking different, you will achieve something different


If you make it,

we make it

The Team

School Photography Software / Calotype

Felipe Medina

CEO and CoFounder

In my previous life, I worked for some of the largest blue-chip companies, lived in three continents and traveled around the world. In short, I was ready to move on and take a chance, be brave and follow my dreams at Calotype.

School Photography Software / Calotype

Sergio Diaz

CCO and CoFounder

I am passionate about all things related to digital creativity and photography. Throughout my career, I have designed, animated and taken hundreds of photos. I like to define myself as ever learning - digital creator.

Is there any room in the team? We are always looking for friends to bring on board of this adventure, therefore please shout or send us a note with details to info@calotype.co