Calotype’s end-to-end solution to manage a high-volume

and multi-client photography business, specially designed for school, daycare and sports photography.

School photography software / high volume photography software


School photography software

Less is not always more

You as a photographer can participate, manage and sell in one of the most profitable niches in the industry, high volume photography.

School photography software

Size doesn't matter

Whether is 10, 100 or 1000, our high volume experience is always the same, easy.

School photography software

April is the new October

Access to ideas and marketing tools to apply the software in new ways throughout every season of the year.

School photography software

We never stop

Innovation and Continuous development of the software


Photographer Interface

Client Interface

School Interface

School photography software

With Calotype / Bay alliance, you as photographer gain access to the best tool to participate and compete in the High Volume Photography Business with an end-to-end solution that includes prints by one of the best printers in North America.


Our solution is an end-to-end online software built to solve and integrate pre-production, production sales and marketing workflows for high volume photography.


Calotype is a multi-party system with interrelated interfaces, one for each party in the high volume photography process: photographer - school/institution - final customers.


Create your own Interactive pricing lists and promotional packages for your pictures based on Calotype’s printing lab partners’ rates.


Manage data and individual information of each client for the safe and encrypted creation of galleries. This administration can be done by the photographer or school/institution.


The QR generator creates codes and unique and secure URL in the system for each client or student, in order to identify the client when taking the pictures.


Deliver high quality photo files once they are processed, easily.

Lock up

All galleries are individual, secure and encrypted and they can be only viewed by their owner.


A very versatile interactive sales interface, which allows the final consumer to purchase and interact with the pictures - edit, cut, change colors, create packages, select sizes, download files, save wish lists, and more.


Final consumers can share their galleries with friends and family.


You will have all sales statistics to take action post-sales with your clients.

Follow up

Email marketing system to send to your clients, sharing and social media.